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traditional sailing in Egypt

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Feluccas are the traditional sailing Egypt's Nile. Egyptians and foreigners alike enjoy a relaxing felucca ride because they are perfect for catching the breeze on a hot summer night , for brisker sails the rest of the year and watching the sunset at any moment. They are ideal for an impromptu after-work party, a romantic evening, and to soothe tots weekend . It is not unusual for friends to get together and rent a felucca for an hour or two for a small social gathering.
These gatherings often after sunset, can not do much sailing at all, but just sit in a quiet cove where everyone can enjoy the lights on the banks and the river traffic.

The felucca has remained , over the centuries , the main means of transport of the Nile. Its ancient form still graces the river as it has done since the time of pharaohs. Motorized barges bulk material transport and cruise ship tourists modern transportation , but the felucca remains despite modern alternatives. The felucca rarely has any form of motor and relies entirely on the breeze built during the day and usually disappears during the night, and the Nile is underway. Egypt is blessed with a south wind that pushes sailboats in EGYPT dominant upstream , while allowing them to return to its current downstream.

A part of the business today are used to transport tourists who want to enjoy an eternally peaceful journey away by the wind and the currents of the river. In fact, a felucca ride is often included in many standard tours. Some even carry passengers felucca for long trips of several days, but only the most adventurous normally they like are rather primitive housing tourists in egypt.

Little felucca are now made ​​entirely of wood , but the basic structure has not changed . They do not have a keel as such , but a heavy central plate which can be found in shallow waters. The sails are seriously low -tech business in the native cotton and other natural fibers.

Feluccas are usually furnished with cushions around the circumference and a table set in the middle, where you can surely enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner style while enjoying a different view of the city. Your captain 's borders galabeya (traditional Egyptian male dress) around his waist and runs with his feet while busy drawing and let the sail back and forth as nails ship up and down the Nile.
There are several places in Cairo available for those who enjoy felucca rides . They are usually parked on the side of the Nile in unique locations . There are places near Sultana boat Maadi allowing more varied walks and no bridges that obstruct the felucca cruise, but those of the city near the Shepheards Helnan and Grand Hayatt are also great . Felucca rides can also be enjoyed in most other tourist towns along the Nile , especially in Luxor and Aswan , where they are easy to find along the main streets of the river.
Tourists enjoying a Felucca ride in Luxor

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