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What did King Mina do in ancient Egypt?

Egypt, King Mina, ancient Egyptian, pharaoh of unified Egypt Mena
the second king of the first dynasty
King, Mina consolidated the two countries in the first dynasty in Thebes (Luxor) , he was able to unite the two countries (both northern and southern kingdoms ) in about 3200 BC. M , and the title of the generosity of several titles such as (King of the Two Lands , the Thrones , South Eagle , north snake) . King Mina the founder of the first dynasty of pharaohs.

The cause of the name Mina
His name was mentioned in some writings of the ancient Egyptian name (Mini) , name Meena  , the name of Mina has been dubbed by some saints in the past. It is strange that the word ( Mini) means in ancient Egyptian , "based on " or " praise " as if the Egyptians wanted Abjloa done in its name . Some historians argue that the (Mini) or act , no name. The Coptic ( Egyptian ) The very name " Mina " has many synonyms including ( or a fixed or McCain cabinet or a permanent or long-lasting )
the creation of a White Castle wall.
King Mina chose a site for it torule Egypt this is agood place surrounded by beautiful trees and nice. 
The first pharaoh of unified Egypt Mena was the southern Egyptian city of Thinis . After the conquest of northern Egypt , it is thought to have reigned for 62 years and started the first golden age in the country - the Old Kingdom period . Egypt , during this age, was a Negro society and there are portraits of the king with very fine African characteristics .

Herodotus, the Greek historian of great antiquity, collected additional information about this king during his visit to the country : The Egyptian priests said that Mena was the first king of Egypt, and that he is who raised the dyke which protects Memphis flooding of the Nile. Before his time, the river flowed entirely by sandy hills along Egypt on the side of Libya. He, however , relying on the river at the bend which it forms a hundred stadia south of Memphis, laid the ancient channel dry , while he dug a new course for the stream halfway between two lines of hills ... Besides these works , too, the priests said , built the temple of Vulcan I Ptah held in the city, a vast edifice , very worthy of mention . "
There is a famous range associated with an Egyptian king named Narmer . Most historians believe that it is the same person as Mena. This document , finely carved , shows the king wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt and he stands with his arm raised holding a club about to hit an enemy. On the other side of the palette of King is seen wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt. It is a procession with company officials. This paper shows that the king defeated the rulers of Lower Egypt. In the range of lions with heads of serpents intertwined symbolizing as unification. From this date , the kings of Egypt wore the double crown - white and red combined crown. He was the first king to take the title of "two ladies," referring to the goddesses Nekhbet and Wadjet . Finally, Mena led expeditions to the south in mountain regions where stone quarries were. From here , were obtained building materials.

King Menes united the two countries

Place the events of the story in the Old Testament , which he called the name of the specialists in the history ( archaic period ) . It includes first and second families in the history of ancient Egypt. King Menes and the hero of this story is the first king in the history of the First Dynasty

By King Menes , the era of dynasties around 3200 BC , when the United Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt , and subjected the country to the rule of Governor common.Mina was King of the United south , the unification of Upper tribal around 3200 BC. M , and the fact that strong central government of Egypt. And the title of this premium several titles such as (King of the Two Lands , the Thrones , South Eagle , Snake north).
And became the king , founder of "Mina" the first dynasty in the history of Pharaonic Egypt , but in the history of the world, was the double crown of the kingdoms of the north and south. The reign of King Mena Egypt for 62 years.


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