Thursday, November 14, 2013

love in ancient Egypt and Queen Nefertari

An Ancient Egyptian Royal Love Story There was a great love between the pharaoh Ramses II and his queen Nefertari . History Egypt say that love in ancient Egypt , one of the most beautiful and true love stories comes from the time of the most famous pharaoh never acted, Ramses the Great, and his beloved Queen Nefertari . 
We really do not know much about the intimate relationships of Egyptian pharaohs and their wives, to be an Egyptian queen Nefertari, to bepresented so clearly on mouments and temples of Ramses II

and her husband to write her poetry of love the walls of his burial chamber was very unusual and points to a real and lasting bond of affection between them.
Nefertari was the woman most loved by the king of EGYPT until his death after almost 25 years of marriage. He devoted a lot of work for it. Most of the statues have small statues of his joined him , and although its size is much smaller than him, the difference in size was not because she was a woman and he was a man . This is because there was a god and she was a queen (human) . The way she stood behind her left leg , gently touch says it all: "I support my king , my dear husband, myself and push to do everything better. " His answer is back " My beloved , I believe that behind every successful man is a great woman like you , Nefertari. " On the site of Abu Simbel, he built a temple dedicated to her as a goddess, and alongside its statues were statues of him, the same size as the king.

Beautiful companion 'The name Nefertari means and lived around 1295-1254 BC. She was married to Ramses II when she was 13 and he was 15 and was to be the most important of his wives for the next twenty years, when the images of her began to dwindle . Nefertari seems to have died in the year of the reign of Ramses 25 . His place as his principal wife was taken by Isetnofret , who was the mother of the successor Merneptah Ramses .

However, Nefertari never says " the king's daughter of EGYPT ," the title would have been liable if it had been the daughter of a pharaoh, but uses the title of "hereditary princess ," which means that Nefertari came from a family noble and during the time she was the queen of Egypt, his brother Amenmose served as mayor of Thebes. Nefertari titles including " Great Kings wife, his beloved ," " Bride of fort Bull " and "great favors ." Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt "and" Mistress of the Two Lands " His titles were feminized form of securities normally reserved for the pharaoh , which once again underlines the leading position of Nefertari and political power . The question to ask is not Nefertari achieve this high only because it was the beloved and favorite wife of Ramses position , or does it indicate that it was a political influence as an individual to fledged ? But the love of Pharaoh for his beautiful wife Nefertari can be seen in the title he gave to his she so that the sun doth shine '

Nefertari also bore the title of "Woman of God"  in old Egypt an important religious office that proves his position as the highest ranking priestess in the cult of Amun at Thebes. The title was first held at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty by Queen Ahmose Nefertari - beginning of the 18th Dynasty, and was traditionally held by the mother, wives and sisters of the reigning Pharaoh . It could be that Nefertari was given this title to consolidate the power of the dynasty of Ramses at Thebes , as the dynasty of kings from the north and Ramses II had built his new capital Pi- Ramesses in the Delta of egypt.


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