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Hoda Shaarawy as a Egyptian women

Hoda Shaarawy, Egyptian women, southern Egypt,  woman of the Egyptian
Hoda Shaarawy (1879-1947) was not only one of the defendants of the rights of women or just a political leader who threw himself full behind the revolution of 1919 that it was just " girl elite" wealthy landowners in southern Egypt. More than that, she has many generations of history behind it, including the British occupation and two revolutions.
The feminist Hoda El- Sadda Egypt, scion of a wealthy family traditional recounts his childhood, when at the age of five, she lost her father , Mohamed Sultan Pasha, one of the leaders of the reform
movement in the 19th century. She married her cousin, Ali Pasha Shaarawy ,in 1892, was among the founders of Al- Wafd Party who met British leaders to demand an end to the occupation after the First World War and led the national movement in Egypt its leader, Saad Zaghloul Pasha , was arrested in Malta by the British forces to stop pushing the movement.

She studied the Koran until the age of nine and continued private lessons at home to learn Arabic and French . It was not until 1909 when she was allowed to participate in public activities and have joined forces to establish the clinical Mohamed Ali and the National University in EGYPT .

The real turning point , however, was the 1919 revolution in which she participated in the first instant , organizing events , writing instructions and was beaten by British troops . She wrote about this experience:

Egyptian women entered public life through the door of politics, because when we were in the process of reforming our conditions, the revolution of 1919 aroused , and it was essential that every man and woman of the Egyptian join the revolutionary lines of our country to win the freedom, independence and to become the sole determinant of its future.

And so it was that the women's movement in Egypt was tied to political work and the different forms of organization , whether from NGOs , movements and gatherings across the political battle against the occupation and oppression. This is true , for example, the Union of Egyptian women Shaarawy was founded in 1923 on issues such as the minimum age for marriage, which limits the rights and polygamy extending the right of the divorced woman his children , but at the same time, the EU has taken essentially political rights of women , including the right to appoint and vote.

Apart from all this, Shaarawy has interest in the arts and hosted great writers , artists and thinkers in cultural events at home. In addition, she was herself a member of a number of artists' associations.

The position of the Shaarawy Union established by the Israeli- Palestinian conflict is significant. She sent a letter in July 1937 Prime Minister of Egypt demand a firm position of Egypt regarding the British position in Palestine. NGOs Saharawi Arab women delegates to represent them on Palestinian issues in all international events.

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