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Al Hussein area the famous Islamic in EGYPT

Egypt, Hussein Mosque, beautiful Islamic monument, Egyptian artist,  Khan el -Khalili in EGYPT
It was in Cairo , Egypt , Al Hussein area is the most crowded place in Egypt , which includes the market Khan el -Khalili and Hussein Mosque is considered one of the most important mosques Cairo and a beautiful Islamic monument. It was built in the Fatimid period in 1154 and amended in the year 1236 . The mosque is named after Al Hussein , the son Aly Ibn Aby Taleb 's , the fourth Khalifa ( deputy Mohamed ) , God bless him . The mosque is decorated with fascinating gold and oriental decorations . It was renovated during the reign of Khedive Ismail, in the early20th century and the remains of the cemetery.

were discovered while other work is underway near the mosque foundation. The mosque is a unique piece of art and so many people visit the Al Hussein mosque during Ramadan and after the holidays .A Al Hussien you found that many people were already there. Apparently , many of them broke fast here to have the place to themselves after Iftar.There are many stores that sell money. They sell bracelets and modern rings and they also sell items of pharaonic style . Some also sell huge bowls that are only silver plated.
Some Fanoos Ramadan in a storefront in the Khan el -Khalili in EGYPT

Other shops sell souvenirs such as statues of the Sphinx and Ramses . Many of these statues seem to look exactly as if they were made by the elders. This is because they have been created specifically with a large talent.there are many tourists  from different parts of the world were eager to buy these gifts.

The other most popular items sold here , at least during Ramadan are Fanoos , lamps Ramadan. Children in the past used to hold them in their hands and go around and play while singing the songs of popular Ramadan that never changed. Fanoos are sold all over the world because they add a lot to the atmosphere of Ramadan , like Christmas trees in the west during the holidays.

Egyptian drums ( Tabla )
Other stores sell musical instruments like the oud and oriental Tabla . These are similar to oriental instruments guitar and drums in Europe. The Tabla comes in many different shapes and sizes . You can buy one and start running immediately , if it takes years of an Egyptian artist to become a professional Tabla . The Oud is more difficult to learn. This is because it has no frets like the guitar . 

Eating in al Hussein is another great adventure. There are many cafes in the Khan el -Khalili , but the most popular and one of the most famous is the Fishawy Cafin Egypt, it is in the shopping district of Khan el -Khalili . The cafe offers all kinds of oriental drinks , cold and hot . Sahlab is a famous drink in egypt , which is a beverage that has a very soft and heavenly taste, and Homos El Sham , which makes the body warm during the cold winter nights . Qasab juice, molasses , is also available in many cafes and shops. Another cup of coffee with the same state of mind is the Khan el -Khalili restaurant, which was full of tourists. The site offers all kinds of oriental food and drinks with very good prices.AHomos El Sham in egypt seller Hussein Place.

Another great store is Fatatry El Hussein ( Hussein pastry ) . It is located at the beginning of the shopping area and next to the mosque. They sell all kinds of oriental pastries . A very good meal may consist of a sausage ( Fateera ) oriental pastries , a glass of Qasab , and sugar as a dessert pastry covered . This meal costs about 20 to 25 pounds. This is one of my favorite dishes in Egypt when I visit this shop . They also offer pastries with cheese , vegetables , eggs , meat or seafood Sea. Dessert pastries can have nuts , cream , honey or a mixture of everything. This small area of Cairo, very popular with tourists , is a more exciting grandeur during Ramadan, with the festivities surrounding the adjacent mosque. 

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