Sunday, November 10, 2013

Akhenaten and Aton in Egypt

 Akhenaten,  Egyptian pharaoh, ruler of Egypt, EGYPTIAN pharaoh, EGYPT  Akhenaten was the son of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye . It was originally known as Amenhotep IV , but changed its name during the fifth year of the reign of Akhenaten , the scholars translate as " horizon of Aten ." His older brother , Thutmose , they say , is died when they were children . Akhenaten married the beautiful Nefertiti , we know she was beautiful in part because the statues were discovered and partly because Nefri means "beautiful " . Akhenaton is most famous for breaking with traditional pantheistic
beliefs Egyptian and worshiped instead of one sun god Aton called. Akhenaton , indeed , built a new capital dedicated to Aton in Amarna , Egypt.

Akhenaton was a ruler of Egypt during the so-called 18th dynasty period . He ascended the throne as Amenhotep IV succeeded his father Amenhotep III. Brief reign of Akhenaten, only about 16 years,He was the first Egyptian Pharaoh who believed in one God. This is what he has done pioneering a king . Of his life in Thebes , now known as Luxor , on his arrival in power, he moved his base in the desert .

Interestingly, when the successor of Akhenaten, the general Ay and Horemheb restored the temples of Amun priests who chose the army , allowing the Pharaoh to keep tighter controls on religious orders.
The cult of Aten is considered by some as a predecessor of modern monotheism IN EGYPT.

Not a EGYPTIAN pharaoh to do things by halves, when Akhenaten established his new religion , he built an entire city dedicated to Aten with a necropolis and royal tomb . This city was Akhenaten, the Horizon of Aten and the height of the reign of Akhenaten over 20,000 people lived there. The city was built in Middle Egypt , a thought to have been chosen site because it was not polluted by the worship of other gods.

After Akhenaten's death the city was abandoned , and the old religions were suppressed quickly restored its control over Egypt

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