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Horus and the ancient Egyptian

Horus, ancient Egyptian Gods, Egyptian history,  the royalty of Egypt
  Horus is one of the best known ancient Egyptian Gods, and one of its oldest . His name is attested since at least the early dynastic period , and representations of deities hawk on previous objects, such as the Narmer Palette , probably represent the same God . Turin Canon , which provides some of our most important information about the early history of Egypt , describes precisely the leaders of predynastic Egypt as followers of Horus.
The use of his name was also prevalent in the names of people throughout Egyptian history, and Hor , as a person's name survives in
the modern era in a number of different forms. the original form of Horus was probably that of a god of the sky , known as " Lord of Heaven ." The Egyptian word "his" ( hor , har ).

Horus was the god of sunrise and sunset , but more particularly the god of the east and sunrise. In the Pyramid Texts , the deceased king is said to be reborn in the eastern sky as Horakhty . Finally, Horakhty became part of the cult of Heliopolis sun and was merged with the sun god Re-Horakhty . As Behdety or " it the Behdet " Horus was the falcon -winged solar disk appears integrate the idea of ​​the sun moves across the sky. As Hor -em- akhet ( Harmachis ) or " Horus in the horizon " Horus was viewed as a sun god in falcon or leonine form .

The Horus name of a king, the falcon Horus overcoming a serekh Horus was also directly related to the royalty of Egypt both appearance and his falcon as the son of Isis. As its sponsorship of the monarchy and , probably , his identification with the king were presented in early Nekhen decorated monuments.

A pendant eye of Horus
Another of Horus is the Egyptian " Har- Nejd - ITEF or Horus the savior of his father  ( Greek Harendotes ) , which refers to the justification of the request to succeed Osiris Horus , the ancient land area rescue his father of the usurper Seth .
The Egyptian ancient texts , with variations and a number of contrasting perspectives , design and birth of the god, through his childhood hiding in the marshes ( as Har- Hery - wadj or " Horus who is on his papyrus " ) , its protection by Isis, Seth and his conflict with his supporters , and his successor as the legitimate king.
With the rise of complex mythological Osiris -Isis - Horus full , visible in the Pyramid Texts in the late Old Kingdom, the living king was identified as an earthly Horus and the dead king ( his father or his predecessor ) as Osiris. As the son of Isis and Osiris, Horus was also the heir to the mythical kingdom of Egypt , and many stories surrounding this struggle to gain and maintain the kingdom of the usurper Seth detail this aspect of the role of god . Harwer ( Haroeris ) or " Horus the Elder " was the god maturity represented in these stories is fighting Seth for 80 years until the court of the gods finally awards him his place on the throne of all Egypt . Finally, as Har- Mau or Harsomptus ( Horus the Uniter ) , Horus fulfills this role to unite and rule over Egypt, but it is sometimes identified as the son of Hathor and Horus the Elder in this role, for example, Edfu and Kom Ombo, and called by the Panebtawy name " Lord of the Two Lands .

The famous Horus at Edfu Temple of Horus, In the south, Horus enjoyed the attention , with his wife Hathor, and their son Harsomptus in major Ptolemaic temple at Edfu and Kom Ombo also . At Edfu, the god of many ceremonies including the annual crowning of the Sacred Falcon at the beginning of the fifth month of the Egyptian year in which a real falcon was chosen to represent the god as king of all Egypt , uniting the former falcon god Horus with his form as ' of king Osiris and son .

The importance of Horus in healing rituals and popular ritual practice .
The survival of Horus,It is worth mentioning that some Egyptologists see, in the iconography of Christian art , a pioneer in Horus. For example , Isis and Horus babies are sometimes regarded as the model of Mary and baby Jesus , while Horus dominating the beats may have a counterpart in Christ Pantocrator do the same . Horus spearing a snake can survive in the iconography of Saint George defeating the dragon.

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