Friday, November 1, 2013

Surprises trial at Egyptian President Morsi

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Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is in detention, awaiting a trial that is expected to begin next week begins Monday, Nov.4 ( Valentine's Day in Egypt) , and Intel rumors are rife that the trial will prove the relationship of President Barack Obama to the Muslim Brotherhood.
If the former Egyptian intelligence chief Murad Muwafi can prove the agreement Morsi the presence of terrorists in Egypt and providing protection , he will be executed for high treason.

 Egyptian intelligence had begun spying and record telephone calls of ousted President Morsi after he discovered that he had leaked information to the Palestinian Hamas and jihadi groups in efforts to sabotage the efforts of the army Egyptian eliminate terrorism in the Sinai Peninsula , including the demolition of secret tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip , which Hamas used to smuggle arms , money , drugs and terrorists.

These are the facts  present at trial: 
The Muslim Brotherhood was directly linked to the CIA before the Revolution of January peoples massive " 25 and the Barack Obama administration kept inciting Brotherhood to participate in events , including events.

 Morsi met with U.S. intelligence in Egypt, negotiate with the Americans on the state of the country before the overthrow of Mubarak. U.S. intelligence officials have held meetings in Istanbul with international Muslim Brotherhood , Ahmed Abdel Aaty .

 Morsi 's mission was to be the main link between the Brotherhood in Egypt and the International Brotherhood led by Ahmed Abdul Aaty Turkey. Turkey should play a mediating role between the Brothers and the Americans if the Brotherhood had problems bypass security services in Egypt.

The Brothers have expressed their willingness to open communications with Israel if they came to power , but failed , so Morsi suggested leaving Hamas and Turkey help the brothers to achieve this goal .
Morsi admitted in a recorded that chaos in Egypt was expected to happen before it happens in Tunisia between the Brothers and the American telephone calls, but the Young Liberals have taken the lead , surprising everyone going to demonstrate en masse before the Brotherhood plan could be implemented. Stunned and not knowing what to do now , the Brotherhood began to join the revolution about a week after the youth sit-in in Tahrir Square.
Despite warnings keep out of the Ministry of Interior, the Brotherhood began recruitment support on Facebook and Twitter.
Calls between Morsi and organization International Brotherhood confirmed that Ahmed Abdul Aaty - came to EGYPT from Turkey after managed to get a majority in parliament Brothers , was the one who gave the orders and instructions Mohamed Morsi before that it does not become president. This continued after he took the presidency with Abdul Aaty appointed director of the Office of Morsi and Aaty remained the most powerful decision-maker and the man in the presidential palace , with Morsi only his orders .

Numerous reports and leaks come from supporters of the Brothers in Cairo and throughout Egypt with warnings of major events to confuse the police and the army and cause a state of chaos in the streets the day trial. Other Brothers activity refers to any attempts to invade the court Morsi smuggling out of the country . Rumor has it that the Society has provided weapons to the attackers , including machine guns , RPGs, and a number of rockets

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