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Egyptian Isis and eternal love story

Osiris,  Egyptian pharaoh, the Nile OF EGYPT, egypt,The King and Queen
Osiris was believed to be an Egyptian pharaoh in Egypt reigned beginning. Osiris early married his sister Isis and ruled Egypt together . Osiris has helped people learn how to grow crops along the Nile.Osiris and Isis became very popular with the river issues .Seth brother Osiris and Isis was cruel and jealous of Osiris.Seth Nephthys.But married his sister was light darkness.Seth try to kill Osiris with plan.Seth had with her nasty companions.They came with a plan to kill Osiris , Osiris prepared a coffin . Isis was full of
wisdom and magic and keeps a watchful eye on his love.

Osiris held a banquet in honor of Divine Pharoah Osiris and invited 72 coup, the best banquet held at the bottom was warm joy Egypt. When Osiris , Seth Brang the coffin and told her to try it.Osiris is entered the proof coffin, Seth slammed the lid of the coffin and nailed without people around. It was the Nile with his perverse coup and the coffin , threw the coffin coffin Nile.The crashed into a tree in the ground, and the tree became beautiful as the body of Osiris toched tree.The tree has increased so much that hid the coffin.

The King and Queen Astarte Byblos Malcander odered saw this tree and get shot and makes a beautiful pillar.When Isis learned of his death was distraugh husband and defined and set out to find the body of her husband Seth took throne.She traveled much until you reach the city Blblos . Isis meet some girls and taught them to braid their hair. They served the Queen and Queen Astarte saw the girls hair and she was so impressed that she called Isis. Unware that women Astarte was called to the goddess Isis Divine asked her to take care of his son, Dictys.Isis agreed and after a moment he saw the pillar.

Time Isis realized that the great pillar that holds the body of his beloved husband.She had also taken a liking to the yong Dictis so one night decided immortal.With your destination , it becomes a drink sing the magic words of Queen Astarte was spying on her and stopped with horror the fate of fear of seeing their baby was out broken.When flames.The queen realized that he prayed to the goddess of forgiveness and asked that there was something he could not do.Isis column order and returned with the body of her husband came home body.When Isis Osiris forced to hide .

Unfortunately one angry Seth found the body and in his fury cut into 14 pieces and scattered on the Nile OF EGYPT, Isis again more.Once query in conjunction with the body parts of his sister and nephew Anubis Nephthys . Each time a body part has become a holy place to find all but one shrine.They peice.Once Isis had gathered all the parts of Osiris body magically rebuilt and even tough he was dead , also managed to convince a child magically with him the young sky god Horus.

As Horus raised Osiris visited him in the spirit world and he taught how to fight in the delivery , preparing to defeat Seth and resume his law throne.After many struggle with Seth and Horus prevalid avereged his mother and father.
Horus became the new pharaoh and Osiris were Egypt. Isis reunited.Osiris eventually became the god of the underworld , and Isis the goddess of magic and motherhood.

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