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Karnak temple is the largest in Egypt

Karnak temple, Egypt, Amun -Re, the best place in Egypt, the best place in Egypt
Karnak temple is the largest in Egypt and the world. The temple complex contains a group of temples as the Great Temple Amon Ra'd Khonso Temple , The Temple of ESP and the Temple of the God Osiris.
 and it was built by Amon the pharaoh of Egypt, and represents the combined achievement of many generations of ancient builders. Karnak temple is of three main temples , smaller enclosed temples , and several outer temples located about three kilometers north of Luxor.temple Karnak is actually the modern name , but the old name was Ipet - isut , which means the most sacred of places .
To the entrance, you will find an avenue of ram-headed sphinxes , which was built to protect the Temple. There are 20 rams on each side , it has built during the 22nd Dynasty , and containing rows of bud papyrus columns .

There are four main temples of the complex, and the Precinct of Amun -Re is the largest . Here , but there are parts of the building are not accessible to the public due to restoration. It is a gathering place outdoors that visitors can see, this is the best place in Egypt.

Thousands of objects were once found buried in the First Court or the Court Stash . There were more than 750 statues found there too. High water entered the area before the objects could be deleted. Many objects have been found in many other parts of the temple complex that also act as puzzle pieces to complete the picture of life during this period.

There is another forum , the City of Mut, which still stands. It was a dedication to the mother goddess Mut, wife of Amun-Re . There is a sacred lake here where priests once bathed before worship. This temple is not open to visitors as part of it was looted and damaged. Many clues that have been discovered in the temple reveal the importance of the priestess at the moment, as a sacred festival that drew hundreds of thousands of people to him.

In the middle of the first public meeting , there is a huge column, which is 21m high and has a bud papyrus capital . This part is known as the kiosk of Taharqa who ruled during the 25th Dynasty . This is the only column left a colonnade that once had 10 columns .
On the left side of this Court , there are 3 chapels , which were built by King Seti II for the "triad of Thebes ." On the right side is the temple of Ramses III. This temple is composed of a small tower an open courtyard and hypostyle hall leading to the sanctuary.

Ramses I , founder of the 19th Dynasty in Egypt, later completed . Passage of the second tower , we enter the great hypostyle hall , which measures 103m long and 52m wide. It contains 134 papyrus columns , each column is about 22m in height and 3.5 m in diameter,Crossing the third tower , we come to a rectangular open courtyard , which is known as the Court of Tuthmosis I. In this court , Tuthmosis I erected two obelisks , as this area was probably the main entrance of the temple during his reign. Unfortunately, one obelisk survived : 19m high and around 310 tons in weight.

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