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Who know the name of the Nile is derived from what?

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The name of egypt Nile is derived from the Greek Neilos (Latin : Nil ) probably originated in Nahal Semitic root , meaning a valley or a river valley and therefore , by extension of meaning , a river. The fact that the Nile - unlike other major rivers known to them - flowed from south to north
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The Nile River in Egypt is the longest river in the world , it extends north for approximately 4,000 miles from East Africa to the Mediterranean. The Nile flows from the mountains in the south of the Mediterranean in the north.
Because the Nile is the longest river in Egypt and the world , three rivers flowed into the Nile south and thus served as its sources: the Blue Nile, White Nile and Arbara . In the southern part between Aswan and Khartoum , land which was called Nubia, the River passes through formations of hard igneous rock , resulting in a series of rapids , or cataracts , which form a natural border to the south. Between the first and second cataract Lower Nubia , and between the second and sixth cataracts was higher Nubia. tour egypt

The river is about 180 km and divides the narrow southern valley from the wider northern valley .
Southern Egypt , thus being upstream , is called Upper Egypt and northern Egypt, being downstream and the Delta is called Lower Egypt . In addition to the valley and the delta , the Nile also divided Egypt in the deserts of the East and West .

The Nile Valley in egypt is a canyon running 660 miles long with a floodplain occupying 4,250 square miles. Delta extends over 8,500 square miles and is bordered in its coastal regions by lagoons, wetlands, lakes and sand dunes.
It is a canyon running 660 miles long with a floodplain occupying 4,250 square milesThe Delta accounted for 63 percent of the populated area of Egypt, extending about 200 km from north to south and about 400 kilometers from east to west . While today the Nile flows through the Delta in only two principal branches , the Damietta and Rosetta , in ancient times , there were three main channels , known under the name of water Pre, the water and water of Ptah Amun. In ancient Greco-Roman or were called the Pelusiac the Sebennytic and canopic branches. There were also subsidiary branches or artificially cut channels.

The Nile is very important because most of the Egyptian artifacts worked as farmers, when the Nile was at its highest and they could not plant , they were written by chores in work projects such as the construction pyramids , repair of temples and other monuments and working on the tomb of kings.
Herodotus also called Egypt the gift of the Nile, the great Greek philosopher , wrote of the Nile ( The river itself , waters the fields, and then sinks back again , then each man sows his field and awaits the harvest. ) .
This description would lead the casual reader to imagine Egypt as a great paradise where people just sitting and waiting for the planting and harvesting need to . But the artifacts Egyptians knew better. Excessive flood their river and villages will be destroyed , too low a flood , and the earth turn to dust and bring famine. In fact , flooding five is too low or too high.
If you go by boat on the Nile , you can go through the ancient and important sites Karnak itself , Luxor, across the river from Karnak, Dendera , with its great temple to the goddess Hathor, Abydos , with its marvelous temple built by Seti I as well as being the site of earlier dynastic tombs, Esna , with its temple to the potter and creator god Khnum, lord of the region which has been credited as having the power of the river and its richness , Edfu, with its temple of Horus, Kom Ombo, with its double temple of Sobek and Horus called a form of Haroeris and Aswan itself, with its powerful modern dam. Really, the Nile is the heart of the ancient and modern land of Egypt .

Many passengers modern Egypt today take a Nile cruise as part of their package. And why not? To see the earth as its people , a must travel on the river. A felucca is often the water vehicle of choice.TOUR EGYPT


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