Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why 15 girls of brotherhood in Egypt`s jail?

In Egypt An Alexandrian misdemeanors court sent  sentenced 2 young girls, aged between 15 : 22, to serve 11 years in prison because they  hold a  protest supporting the ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsy on the Corniche in the coastal city. It was shockwave in Egypt on Wednesday .
Thse girls were7 aged  between15 to 17, and were sentenced to a juvenile center, The seven girls were sent by the court to a juvenile detention center until they reach the age of 18.
The court had convicted these girls, most of girls  university students,they are guilty because  an  illegal assembly, blocking roads, destroying public property and possessing weapons.
The verdict as shock wave and unprecedented in its harshness and  unfair against peaceful protests, affirming that these were random arrests. Among those detained was a passerby who he says screamed during the security’s violent dispersal of the protest, and was herded in with the other girls and arrested by mistake.
 The first time both Islamist and secularforces are protesting simultaneously sincethe passing of the protest law, though separately, against a regime that critics accuse of deviating from the goals of the 25 January and the 30 June revolutions.
Judge Mohammed Nabi denied president of Alexandria Criminal Court, today, any  relationships between him and the adviser Ahmed Abdul Nabi, who ruled in the case of , Alexandria`s girls,after the hesitated rumors about the existence of a link between him and the adviser Ahmed Abdul Nabi.
Many of muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ,they stood outside the house of Judge Ahmed Abdul
Nabi, head of Sidi Gaber Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria, which issued a sentence of 11 years and one month in the case of girls Brotherhood.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Egypt forces will prepare escalatory steps , during the first session of the resumption on December 7 , The security forces prepared  secure high plan is efficiency ,in order to prevent any attacks around  the court  , the Egyptian forces will commit to save the highest degree of insurance for judges, they do not let any harm expose them.

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