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The Pyramid of Menkaure at Giza in Egypt

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He is the Son of  Khafre and Menkaure Queen Khamerernebty I. followed his father to the throne.
Several of his half- brothers served at court as vizier . His cousin Mindjedef (son of Kawab ) may have been treasurer ofMenkaure.
Not much is known from the time of Menkaure. Monumentsof Giza show some construction projects Menkaure was involved in the statues found in temples give us a glimpse of the art of the time period , but not much else is known .
Principal wife of Menkaure was Khamerenebti Rheketre II and perhaps another woman Menkaure. It is unclear , for example, is the successor to Menkaure Shepseskaf was related to him. It has been suggested that Shepseskaf was a son of Menkaure by a minor queen, but this is not certain.
The Pyramid of Menkaure ( From Egyptarchive - Jon Bodsworth )

pyramid :

The Pyramid of Menkaure at Giza was called The Netjer -er- Menkaure which means " Menkaure is Divine " . This pyramid is the smallest of the three pyramids of Giza. 

Menkaure and Khamernebty .

 mortuary Temple
At this temple more statues and fragments of statues were found . An interesting find is a fragment of a stick Queen Khamerenebti I. The piece is now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Khamerernebti received the title of king of the mother on the fragment. 

Wives :

Khamerernebty II held many titles including the eldest daughter of his body, wife of the king , seeing Horus and Seth, Great One of the HETE - scepter Bapef priestess , priestess of Thoth , etc. tomb at Giza ( central zone ) . Daughter of Khafre and Khamerernebti I.
(?) Rekhetre , the king's daughter ( his body ) , the wife of the king, the great HETE - scepter , etc. Girl Khafre and most likely a woman of Menkaure.

sounds :

Eldest son of King Khuenre his body, only companion of his father. Son of Menkaure and Khamerenebti II. Buried in the cemetery of Menkaure.
Shepseskaf ? The next pharaoh was in all likelyhood a son of Menkaure.
Sekemre ? Eldest son of the King of his body. Known from a statue found at Giza. Perhaps a son of Kamerernebti .


Khentkaues I ? It is possible that the Queen Khentkaues I was a daughter of Menkaure. His mastaba is associated with the complex of the Pyramid of Menkaure , which may indicate a family relationship . I Khentkaues seems to form a link between the 4th and 5th Dynasty , but the precise relationship is not known . It is possible that a woman was Khentkaues Shepseskaf .


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