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Why did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids ?

are one of the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only wonder still standing today. There are more than 90 pyramids in Egypt, all of which are on the west bank of the Nile. This is for a religious reason, which is the side of the Nile River as the sun sets.
The most famous Giza pyramid is the Pyramid of Cheops. It is 449 feet high and the sides are 755 feet long. The Pyramids of Giza cover an area greater than ten football fields and consist of more than two million blocks of limestone . The average weight of a single block is about 2 1/2 tons . It's like two midsize cars . However, some blocks can weigh up to 15 tons!this is pyramids of Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza 

were built during the reign of King Khufu . It took more than 400 000 people and nearly 30 years to build the pyramids . They were completed in 2580 BC . The Pyramids of Giza were named after the three kings : Khufu (Cheops Pyramid ) , Khafre ( son of Khufu, Khafre pyramid) , and Menkaure ( grand-son of Khufu Pyramid Myrch ) .
But why the ancient Egyptians use the pyramid shape ?
Egyptologists have developed many theories about why the tombs of the pharaohs were built beginning in the shape of the pyramid. Here are three different ideas :
- The pyramid represents the first land to appear at the beginning of time a hill called " Ben - Ben ."
- The pyramid sloped sides so that the dead pharaoh could symbolically ascend to heaven and live forever .
- The pyramid represents the sun .

( Dr. dig responds )

The Egyptians did not tell us why they chose the pyramid shape for their royal tombs , so we must try to work from the evidence they have left us . The Egyptians believed that the world was created on an island known as the mound of creation, and they may have thought that the great pyramid rising flat desert looked a bit like this island. Some of the earliest tombs of Egypt were marked by a low mound of earth - a small-scale copy of the mound of creation, and it is possible that the pyramid is a more developed form of the mound. They could think that a ramp or staircase would help building the spirit of the deceased king to travel to heaven, and they may even have thought that human pyramid sides looked a bit like the sun . Finally, the pyramid, with its wide flat base , was probably the easiest to build architectural form . But remember , all the pharaohs built the pyramids . Kings of New France , including Tutankhamun, were buried in secret graves cut into the rock in Egypt.

When the pyramids were built , the Egyptians did not have a lot of machines. They had only simple tools . They took hammers and mallets scissors. This helped to break parts of blocks of the pyramid. Trowels also were used to construct a pyramid . This has helped to overcome the blocks so that they fit together.

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