Thursday, November 7, 2013

The sound and light in EGYPT

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The sound and light show is a magnificent show that brings creatively to life the rule of ancient Egypt. The artists skillfully created a show to present images of all historical eras. For an hour , you can enjoy the sound and light show near the pyramids and the Sphinx . The story is told by the Sphinx again, to tell you the world's oldest secrets. In the 21st century , we go back in time thousands of years to see how they were built and survived ! The show manages to convey the great human spirit and creativity behind their creation.
You will find the Pyramid of Khufu, the Immortal and Sky Grabber , close some of its changes , where the wood has made boats of Khufu are placed , which King Khufu would use to navigate his way to immortality. In addition, you will find the pyramid built by Khufu 's son Khafre , who made his own smaller and shorter than the pyramid of his father, we can see the face of Khafre , engraved on a plate of green diorite stone , so lively , as if the artist just finished it . Then, last but not least the pyramid of Menkaure , who was like his father modest and honest enough to its smaller than the other two pyramids in Egypt .

Within an hour, the show would tell the story of the great kings, their secrets, legends and secrets of the past .

Some views on the light and sound

**As dusk falls and you get to the base of the pyramid of the sun sets and the moon rises over the 440 ' largest man made wonder of the world . The sound and light show is slow but chic . Different colors of paint is because it tells the story of the life and Pharoah buriel . Entertaining in EGYPT , informative and massive. I wish they ...

**We saw the show as part of a boat cruise , if the tickets have been bought . The show was beautiful place in Egypt and commentation is easily audible. It can get cold in the air everning to bring a sweater . We tried to take pictures, but it was almost impossible without a tripod (we got some good though). 

**Useful historical overview of the construction of the pyramid and use , as well as Egyptian Pharaonic history . Soundtrack and narration seem a bit dated and cheesy. Nevertheless, an impressive viewing experience of the pyramid complex and sphinx at night.
**WOW! What an amazing light show with narration to explain the history of the great pyramids ! A MUST SEE ! 
**I was with my group last brasil Oct.2012 and they love it, so I think I can recommend it to all tourists coming to Egypt.
**Tourists in Egypt used to visit the Pyramids in afternoon sun. But have you ever tried to see under the stars in the colorful lights of the laser emission ? Great Pyramids majestic and mysterious look , the show leaves an impression that lasts in your memory. I chose to celebrate X -mas in a restaurant overlooking the pyramids during the laser show.

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