Saturday, November 16, 2013

festival of the World Cup pyrmids2013

Yesterday there  was a great festive atmosphere historic embrace Egypt, the original version of the World Cup, which arrived yesterday to Cairo airport coming from Amman, Jordan, in the framework of a tour marketing include 89 countries , and before the start of the launch of the World Cup in Brazil next year. , And the idea of ​​the World Cup is a French lawyer ' The REGIONAL ' President of the French Federation and the International Federation of Football.
Which struggled for 9 years until approved by the Union ' FIFE ' to organize an initial world Cup in 1930. Championship and the world Cup football is the most important contest hosted by the International Federation of Football ' FIFA ' and held every 4 years since 1930 , except championships in 1942 and 1946 , which abolished because of World War II, and in 1950 was the resumption of competitions that were cut off for 12 years because of World War II, and the succession of her stay in international competitions has evolved over the organization , where the tournaments first is the most difficult because of transport problems between the continents and the outbreak of war. and World Cup football is made of pure gold, and reaches a height of 36 cm, and weighs 6175 grams of pure gold , and there below carving the names of the winning teams trophy since 1974, and does not give the cup to any team , regardless of the number of times that won out , but it just keeps the trophy for the tournament that followed , and then gives a cup similar to his gold-plated , and replaces the cup so fills the space provided for the transfer of the names of the winning teams , is not entitled to one that touches only the President of the Republic and players of the winning teams and members of FIFA, in accordance with its laws.
The interim president has Adli Mansour yesterday to carry the cup , while I have not had the opportunity to former President Mubarak to the touch, his absence from the one occasion when the first visit paid by the cup to Egypt in 2010.
Egypt was one of the first Arab countries that play in the World Cup qualifiers and qualified to Nhaúyate in 1934 for the first time , to be the first Arab country and the African- up to the finals of the cup. Championship and the 2014 World Cup , which is based the cup  currently visiting Egypt is a version of the twentieth between the World Cup will be held in South American continent for the second time and will be hosted by Brazil for the second.

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