Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Egyptian Customs between past and present

Egyptian Customs, Egyptian Christians  Egyptians are religious, Egyptian tolerance, Egypt

.. Customs and traditions that means to them stability and continuity with several
.. Egyptians have a great capacity to adapt to circumstances , it seems that this ability is gained from their long history with the occupation and colonization in the face of changing circumstances and conditions they face , they have great flexibility in handling, and the ability to accept the status quo and adapt to that command , have patience excruciating pressure conditions , as they said in their proverbs (be patient with your bad neighbor , he earlier would leave the neighborhood , or earlier that he would die first) , they bet always count on time to solve their problems, or rely on the time to decompose and eliminate the problems and their opponents.
Egypt and the Arab countries have been the cradle of monotheistic religions , Egypt was the Middle East , and the castle that protects religions to be altered, so that the Egyptian are described by:
Egyptian tolerance , because there is no place for intolerance or bigotry against others.
They always want to be martyrs for God , whatever religion they believed in .
Egypt includes the largest Islamic university in the world "of the Al-Azhar University ," and many graduate worldwide religious scholars .
Egypt  provides the best singers of the Quran in the world, especially in terms of voice and pronunciation. "
Expressions  religious in their daily lives " God willing - if God wills " are used to talk about the future .
"Allah Akbar " in the impressive victory . " Praise to God " at the end of work.

>> No matter if we talk about Egyptian Christians , or even Egyptian Muslim they all built pyramids , tombs, mosques, churches, temples or even old much better than their homes, which means they always take into consideration the fact the second life and the gods are always there to watch their steps.
>> All Egyptians are Muslims and Christians believe they must respect all the prophets of the Jews and Christians - Abraham, Jacob , Joseph, Moses , David and Solomon , among others - that their own prophets.

3 - Egypt The combination of the two extremes;
" The grief and humor , " they love to tell or listen tojokes , they tend to be sad s, you just walk down the street and you can see the sadness in their faces , which appears especially in their songs dealing such certainly true : " the famous night ( a girl's name Leila in the story of a sad end in the Egyptian folk drama ) and her beloved which is the name Ain or " eye " , even if you can feel the meaning behind the names for a dark night and tears from eyes!
- (Positive or negative) , especially in the matter that affects their personality and nationality , which is subject to many different points of view and reflects the interests or trends and sentiments

4 - Egyptians use violence when:
>> When someone violates their sanctity accumulated on the religious beliefs of a century.
>>When  hurt national dignity through humiliation.
>> - When threatening their livelihoods.

5 - The Egyptian people are constantly expected to be too friendly, a part of learning about the culture is to learn to know when people are actually serious. One of the other Arabic words is a need to know is the word "it- fuDDal . " This word has several meanings and different uses , but one of the uses is whenever someone is to eat or drink something and someone else is there , the person will say " it - fuDDal " for them. In this situation, it basically means " join me " and is intended for any person to offer, even if they are voracious and really do not want to share their food. The answer is generally expected to say " thank you " and politely decline their offer. They will then offer you refuse again and again and this continues until they win because they really want to share their food with you , or they stop asking because they really do not want to share their food with you, or you really do not want what they have.

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