Sunday, November 24, 2013

What are Brotherhood wanting from Egypt ?

22  November 2013 in Egypt One dead, 14 injured in clashes , dozens arrested
Loyalis metro Nozha Brothers Friday set fire outside metro Galaa club in EGYPT, after having set fire to many tires next to the metro station and the metro threw himself with Molotov bottles.
The spread of fire to turn a mass of flames amid the panic of the inhabitants of the areas for fear of any explosion as a result of the fire vehicle.
Later, the civil defense forces were able to control the fire that security forces arrested a number of rioters.

Violent clashes broke out across the country egypt on Friday in response to calls from the Anti- Coup Alliance , a coalition supporting former President Mohamed Morsi , to launch a series of events a week.

The violence has so far seen dozens of arrests across the country and left 14 injured at the time of writing, according to the Ministry of Health, as well as a death.

The victim was a 10 year old child killed by gun violence Friday in clashes between supporters and Morsi - residents of Al- Awal district Soor Suez , where a 40 year old man was also injured in the face.

Suez raged in clashes Friday that fighting erupted in Al- Awal Soor , Abu Al- HASM , Al- Nil Street , Al- Tera'a areas and Al- Arba'ein . Aswat Masriya reported that army forces intervened with tear gas at protesters and pro inhabitants - separate Morsi .

Five injuries were reported in the Ezbet Al -Borg Damietta where people fought with March 1 pro- Morsi region. State-owned Al -Ahram reported four injured in the lines of the pro - Morsi during clashes where melee weapons and rocks were used.

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