Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This is Egypt

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The Greek historian Herodotus called Egypt The Gift of the Nile and along the river that gives life, the ancient Egyptians built their amazing civilization , one they ruled for three millennia.
Egyptian people are friendly, hospitable and modest. They also have a sense of balance and moderation.Egypt , officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt is located in North Africaand South Asia.Most of the country is located in North Africa , but the Sinai Peninsula extends into the South- West , connecting the two continents.

Egypt shares borders with Gaza , Sudan and Libya, and the limits of waters along the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Egypt has an area of ​​about 1,01,000 square kilometers (390,000 square miles ) and a population of over 82 million people, making it the fifth most populous country in the world.
The location of Egypt on the shores of Africa , Europe and Asia have been an important part of the long history of the nation, and made ​​a major world power. Egypt is considered part of the Middle East and in the Arab world , both culturally and politically .
Egyptian civilization is probably the world 's oldest civilization having emerged from the Nile Valley around 3,100 BC, historically . Egypt is probably one of the oldest vacation spots . Early Greeks, Romans and others went there just for fun , and to see the wonders of some of the early triumphs of humanity. But Egypt is much more than Pyramids and monuments. It is also Red Sea Diving diving, hot night clubs , luxury hotels and five star restaurants . It is romantic cruises down the Nile on festive river boats , a night at the grand opera and it is a cultural experience like you 've never known . Egypt is a land full of life, sound, visual beauty and excitement. More than anything, we want you to think of Egypt as fun . For thousands of years , it has been the playground of emperors and kings , and we hope you take the time to find out why.
The first national flag of modern Egypt was established by a Royal Decree in 1923 when Egypt received its conditional independence from Great Britain in 1922. The color was green with a white crescent and three stars in the middle. In 1958, a presidential decree created a new flag for the United Arab Republic, which includes a merger of Syria and Egypt . The new flag has three colors : red, white with two green stars and black . Flag was rectangular and whose width is one-third of its length. In 1972, the law was amended to change the flag. The stars were removed from the flag and replaced with a golden hawk. In 1984, the hawk was replaced by a golden eagle on the eagle of Saladin, the sultan Ayubbid who ruled Egypt and Syria in the 12th century , the same Saladin of the Crusades.
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