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Nefertiti the most beautiful of Egypt

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Nefertiti is known for its elegant beauty . His bust has been an icon for many women and many modern cosmetic lines . Many companies worldwide have adopted the queen as a symbol of true beauty. Some historians have even proclaimed the most beautiful woman in the world. What people have said about him , one thing is true , it is still famous for its beauty after his death and his life as a queen of EgyptReign of Nefertiti, She decided to Akhenaten during the Eighteenth Dynasty
(1550-1292 BC). Nefertiti means "the beautiful one has come ." She lived in Tell el -Amarna , a city built by the Pharaoh of Egypt to worship their god Aton . There, protected his family and beliefs - became the center of the new religion of Egypt. It is believed that Nefertiti was probably a distant Akhenaten and Queen Pharaoh preferred parent. Nothing is known about the childhood of the queen and no evidence was given that their parents are. Some believe that her father could be Aye because the inscriptions found inside the tomb of his father proclaiming Mutnodjmet sister.

During her reign as queen of Egypt, and walked many radical religious changes . Hundreds of years of culture and religion have been replaced by a new radical concept - monotheism. The old gods were taken into account, closed temples , and priests forced to change their habits. Many historians believe that this transition could be hostile and not so easily approved by the people or priests.

His reign of Akhenaten was different from traditional forms had seen Egypt. It was more than just a typical queen and helped promote to Akhenaten . His reign was only 12 years old , but it was perhaps one of the most powerful queens never be excluded . Support the beliefs of their husbands changed its name to Neferneferuaten - Nefertiti means "The Aten is radiant glow [because] the beautiful one has come ." Its importance is greatly appreciated by Akhenaton and he made every effort to display as its counterpart . As queen, became powerful and was a way only did Egyptian kings . For example , he often showed crown of a pharaoh or was depicted in scenes of battle smiting his enemies . Akhenaten valued so much, it also allowed him to practice the art of the priesthood and also helped make offerings to Aten.

Many Egypt geologists think maybe Akhenaten born with birth defects that have hindered its role of a king. One of the ailments that we thought he had poor vision . This disease has affected their work, in turn, have been able to trust Nefertiti allowing you to decide many important issues . I trusted her so much that he even put his name next to his on the actual cartridge. It was quite unique and have symbolized as the same condition with Akhenaton.

Other images show the couple often side by side with their children in a Utopian . In a steel found at Tell el-Amarna , the couple sitting together . Akhenaton is to give his daughter an earring , while his wife Nefertiti has two other girls on his lap. In this representation, the Queen is a wonderful time and displayed in a loving way with her ​​husband and children. Both are presented as equal colleagues in their status and family matters.

Twelve years of the Amarna Nefertiti disappears. It could just be a dead terminal illness , but many refuse to believe it. Little is known of his disappearance for damage caused by the successors of Akhenaten . It seems they wanted no memory of his life and that includes memories of Queen Nefertiti . Everything has been destroyed or buried in the sands of Egypt. Although little evidence has survived , still has unleashed theories about how she disappeared.

The first theory suggests that unfavorable to Akhenaten . During his reign as queen who had six daughters . All were loved and hope that you needed a male heir to inherit the throne. May be worried about a child Akhenaten was never born and it looked good consumption , in turn , rejected Queen Nefertiti .

The second theory suggests that she became co-regent of Akhenaten and helped to rule Egypt . Having disappeared from historical records, a co-regent to govern is saved with the new name Akhenaten Smenkhare . Many decaled Smenkhare be Nefertiti and I think it was similar to that of Hatshepsut efforts - dress like a man to be accepted as a pharaoh.
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