Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sinuhe story and Egyptian Sincerity

 At the first Sinuhe story suggests ancient Egyptian nostalgia for his native Egypt Whatever his posts outside the country, Sinuhe story  is considered one of the finest stories of Ancient Egyptian literature. It is a narrative set after the death of Pharaoh Amenemhat I, Egypt, in  20th century BC. Sinuhe is including divine providence and mercy,
Sinuhe is considered to be a work written in verse and it may also have been performed, The great popularity of the work is witnessed by the numerous surviving fragments.

Meaning of the name of Sinuhe : Son of a sycamore tree , and the tree was sacred for the ancient Egyptians.

Sinuhe was born and lived  in the village of (Come Away), it was the capital of Egypt at this time, and his father was a doctor from the wealthy of this area in the age of King Amenemhat first .

Was the first King Amenemhat has grown older, and began The hidden conflict between two sons  to inherit the rule, which is rumored Sinuhe in his memoirs that he heard one night while walking on the road, the low talk between the two men,he sensed that they were planing something serious, approached and heard their conversation, and he knew that one is the first Snosert , one of the sons of King Amenemhat,  they were  planing  to kill the king. Sinuhe thought that one of the men had noticed his presence and hear their conversation, Favre Sinuhe hustling is at a loss between two things: to inform the king to save him, or to escape including knew of the secret to keep the dangerous life. In the end, he decided to flee after he carried with him some medical tools that were used by a doctor working with his father.

Sinuhe escape to the Supreme Rtno Country , it was the center of the Shame countries and marries them and born Ibinaa. And where doctors work for the poor in the first instance, even shot to fame nickname "Sinuhe Egyptian,   king of the country Rtno  called him while illness days, and enables Sinuhe of treatment, the King  loved him and make him the own doctor close to him.

The relationship with the king " Rtno " king " Egypt" is very bad, and he prepared his army for a major offensive against Egypt, and was able to equip the army with swords, metal, were then wooden swords , which examined this sophisticated metallic sword and advanced quality guarantee their victory over the Egyptian army , which has a traditional wooden weapon . Sinuhe was able to get one of these swords, and sent a letter to the king of Egypt , asking security to return to Egypt and the shift is important. And security of the Egyptian king on his life Sinuhe returned to Egypt , and with the new weapon. Snosert king ordered the first arm the Egyptian army with the same weapon , the war came , and the Egyptian army can repel the attack and pursuit of the army of the enemy outside the Egyptian border .

Amenemhat I thank Sinuhe for his service to Egypt , and ask him to ask anything in return for payment , then ask Sinuhe only security tells him her story again and lets him permanent residence his family in Egypt , where it is very difficultseparating Egypt . And have a request.of Sinuhe and Pharaoh tell  every story , and the king appointed him and his personal physician until his death forgiveness.

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