Saturday, December 7, 2013

Girls 7 morning are wearing white Islamic clothes

Today 7 , 2013 - Egypt event, EGYPT cut sentences against protesters teen- girl

14 women were originally sentenced to 11 years in prison after being convicted on charges related to a demonstration in support of ousted President Mohammed Morsi .
That seven girls were also ordered released. Proponents of women in Islamic clothing the courtroom chanted Alexandria ( God is great ) that the judge gave the decision. Girls, who were initially sentenced to juvenile detention , have been ordered released by an independent tribunal but placed on a probation period of three months, Egyptian women events.
The first sentences of November shocked even supporters of the military government installed, with images of dressed white galvanizing also accused the Islamist opposition. 21 were convicted of participating in a peaceful demonstration demanding the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsi Islamist president after his overthrow by the army in July. Handcuffing but holding red roses, 14 women appeared in an Alexandria court suit white prison, with the "freedom " scrawled in black marker on their palms . The hearing of a juvenile court of appeal for the seven girls took place in a nearby courtroom.

14women appeared in the cage in white islamic clothing 

many of them holding roses - an obvious symbol of peace . The miners are sitting on the benches among lawyers . The court session was tense , with arguments fall between lawyers and security forces in the room before opening.
Families were not allowed to attend the session , while clashes erupted outside the room between supporters and opponents of Mursi .
Saad said that the lawyers will still appeal the decision to the highest court of appeal for Egypt, the court of appeal , asking that the sentences will be canceled completely.
Women and girls, who belonged to a newly created group called ( Movement 7 am) staged a demonstration on October 31 in support of Mursi in the coastal city of Alexandria . Police dispersed the demonstration and arrested the women and girls as well as one man , Human Rights Watch. the only man was released.e , this is events from egypt

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