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The Queen Celopatra and The rule of Egypt

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Cleopatra was born on 69 BC - August 12, 30 BC ) was the last pharaoh of Egypt. After his death , 

Rome took over the rule of Egypt. It was not an Egyptian, however, despite being Pharaoh , but the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty that Macedonian Ptolemy I Store began. Ptolemy was a military commander under Alexander the Great and possibly a close relative.

Cleopatra was one of the many children of a descendant of the first Ptolemy , Ptolemy XII Auletes . His two older sisters were Cleopatra VI and Berenice IV who died early in life . Berenice staged a coup while Auletes Ptolemy was in power. With Roman support, Auletes could regain the throne, and his daughter
Berenice executed.

An Egyptian custom that Macedonian Ptolemies was adopted for the pharaohs marry their siblings . So when Ptolemy XII Epaulets died , he left the care of Egypt in the hands of Cleopatra ( aged about 18 ) and her younger brother Ptolemy XIII ( aged about 12).

Ptolemy , influenced by his courtiers , forced to flee Cleopatra of Egypt . She took control of Egypt with the help of Julius Caesar , with whom she had an affair and a son named Caesarion .

Following the assassination of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra has thrown his lot with Mark Antony in 42 BC Through their relationship, she gave birth to twins , Cleopatra Selene and Alexander Helios . Antoine married Cleopatra in 36 BC and produced another son , Ptolemy Philadelphus . The pair were called gods, who upset the Romans. Octaviandeclared war on Egypt in 31 BC In 30 BC Antony 's death.
octave :

Octave was not captivated by Cleopatra. He intended to take her to Rome where she is humiliated by being led by Rome in the triumphal procession of Octave . Cleopatra would not be taken prisoner , she committed suicide in 30 BC
After the death of Ptolemy XIII , Cleopatra married a younger brother , Ptolemy XIV . Over time , she decided Ptolemaic with another male, his son Caesarion .

Cleopatra is known for his love affairs with Caesar and Mark Antony , with whom she had three children , and her suicide by snake bite after her husband Antony took his own life.

Cleopatra's death put an end to Egyptian pharaohs to power in Egypt . After the suicide of Cleopatra, Octavian took control of Egypt, to put it in the hands of the Romans.

When Ptolemy XIII died in 51 BC, the care of Egypt was left in the hands of his about 12 years , son Ptolemy XIII and his daughter Cleopatra VII (born 69 BC) . Ptolemy XIII was kept in the background for three years until he rebelled under influene its Pothin advise Cleopatra and sent into exile. With the help of Caesar, Cleopatra took over the throne . Pothin died in battle and Ptolemy , trying to escape. Cleopatra had married another brother, Ptolemy XIV .

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