Monday, January 13, 2014

Egyptians Constitution 2014 between Yes and No

Egyptians will vote tomorrow for the first time since the fall of Mohamed Mursi . Mursi Muslim Brotherhood urged a boycott rather than a (no) vote, while many Egyptians who backed his ouster should vote (yes) in a show of support for the army -backed .
The country urges citizens to vote in numbers today and tomorrow.
Egypt is on the threshold of a major milestone in its history, the results of which are expected by the world, Sisi said Saturday in a public speech that included the clearest indication to date that will stand for election . " If I run, then it must be at the request of the people, and with a term of my army ," said the 59 -year- old, who is represented by its supporters as a savior who will restore stability in a country that saw three years of turmoil . Sisi filed Mursi, first freely elected Egyptian head of state , on July 3 after demonstrations against his regime.

Sisi appeared on state television again on Sunday , speaking to members of the security forces in place to ensure the security of the vote . The Interior Ministry will deploy 220,000 police and 500 combat units, state television reported . The troops will also be used . The referendum is a key element of a transition plan , the government announced in July with the stated aim of restoring democracy, while launching a fierce crackdown on the Brotherhood simultaneously, the best organized party in Egypt until ' last year . Underground and declared a terrorist group on December 25 , the Brotherhood says it will not take part in the roadmap. A presidential election is scheduled from April , once the referendum is approved, with a parliamentary election later. "What matters is the percentage of Egyptians who leave.
The constitution will replace the one signed into law by Mursi there is a little more than a year after being approved by referendum . The new text strips on the controversial language , while strengthening state institutions who opposed Mursi rule : the army, the police and the judiciary . Its supporters include the Islamist Nour Party ultra - Orthodox , who supported the abolition of Mursi, the Al -Azhar and the Coptic Church official establishment . The project has won praise for its stronger protections for human rights, even though the authorities have cracked down on dissidents with movements , including a new law that closely borders events, drawing criticism from Western governments. With the boycott of Brothers , there was no sign of a major effort to mobilize a "no" , and little or no criticism of the draft constitution in the Egyptian media , which are largely hostile to the group. The United States expressed concern last week after learning that three political activists were arrested while campaigning for a "no " vote , said Jen Psaki , spokesman for the U.S. State Department


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