Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gas and Electricity are most problems in Egypt and U S A

Gas and Electricity
When a boiler or furnace is operating gas is usable heat .
Because this occurs at different efficiencies the price of useful heat can be very different than the price of Gas
In this post we will compare the cost of heating oil, gas heat , electric heating and heat , the timber in the U.S. and the United Kingdom .

Gas and Electricity Heating Cost Comparison

What these heating costs show is that in the U.S. the two fuel oil furnaces and electric furnaces are an expensive way to heat a home . To get the cheapest electricity you need to use a heat pump heat. Prices very cheap natural gas in the U.S. means heating gas is much cheaper , which explains its dominant position for central heating .
Some things are worth mentioning. These figures are based on the average efficiency of the system is shown in brackets . If this increased the price would drop and if efficiency was worse would be more expensive (as in an old oven) . Second, these are just fuel costs . A full assessment for a new election system include capital costs of the system. The low cost of electric heating systems may partly explain why they are more common in milder climates , as well as limitations in the gas infrastructure .

UK Heating Cost Comparison Gas/Electricity

The electric heating in the UK is the most expensive by some margin .
For this comparison we will use the default units of pence / kWh of useful heat .

Why use Confused. gas and electric comparison?

Contact suppliers separately for prices is a long time , so let our comparison tool to do the hard work for you in finding cheap gas and electric . You will get quotes from suppliers, including major brands such as British Gas, npower and more. And since we use an Accredited Trust Code Ofgem calculator, you can be assured of our reliability and service is first class .

Compare our prices for gas and electricity

Boston -
The federal government said Wednesday that natural gas prices in October averaged $ 1.08 per therm in the Boston area , compared with 98 cents in October 2012 .

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of electricity in the average area of ​​15.5 cents per kilowatt-hour last month , compared with 14.3 cents a year ago .

While the prices of natural gas and electricity have increased , households in the Boston area paid an average of $ 3.43 per gallon of gasoline in October , down from $ 3.89 in October 2012 .

The cost of electricity in the Boston area last month was more than 17 percent higher than the national average , while the price for natural gas in October was 8.2 percent higher than the national average .

In the past five years, the cost per therm of natural gas to consumers in Boston has increased, while the average U.S. has decreased .


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